East Ridge Baptist Church

"Fellowship of Love"

5400 Hwy 397
Lake Charles, LA 70607

Phone: 337-477-7117

Meet the East Ridge Staff


Alan Weishampel


Alan Weishampel is the Pastor at East Ridge. He has served as the Pastor of East Ridge since 2005 when Murray Street Baptist Church and Twelfth Street Baptist Church merged. Before the merger, he served as Pastor of Murray Street Baptist Church for fourteen years.

Bro. Alan is known for his unwavering preaching. He preaches directly from the Bible and does not deviate from it. Each week as he enters the pulpit, he asks the congregation to open the Bible to read what it says for themselves. He does not sugar coat or water down the message, but instead, is determined to tell everyone what the Lord has to say on even the most sensitive of subjects.

Phone: 337-302-7245
Email: [email protected]

Nancy Drott

Ministry Assistant

Nancy Drott is a certified Ministry Assistant. She is responsible for the office work that most do not see. She helps to keep our pastors on track with what needs to get done. She is responsible for the weekly bulletin, bimonthly newsletter, and much more. She also works in our Children's Department and is our Vacation Bible School Director. We are thankful for all that she does to help keep our church running smoothly.

Phone: 337-842-4227
Email: [email protected]

Linda Monta

Music Minister

Linda Monta is our Music Minister. She is responsible for putting together the song list for each week and leading the church in worship through music. She also works to direct our choir by teaching them new songs for special performances. Linda has been our music minister for many years now.

Phone: 337-802-0377
Email: [email protected]

Tony Meaux

Youth Director

Tony Meaux is our long time Youth Director. He has more energy than you could imagine to keep up with our youth. Along with having fun and organizing events for our youth group, he also teaches them the truth from God's Word. He covers topics that teens often deal with the most in a way that they can understand it. 

We are thankful for Tony and all of the time, energy, and effort it takes for him, along with his youth council, to help guide and teach the youth in our church.

Phone: 337-802-4664
Email: [email protected]

Sara Drott

Director of Media

Sara Drott is our Media Director. She is responsible for our website, social media, mobile app, online church directory, and any other online media for East Ridge. She also works in the sound booth to display anything that is seen on the projected screens. From song lyrics to sermon notes to announcement slides, Sara is responsible for putting that content together on a weekly basis. She also acts as tech support around the church.

Phone: 337-842-0235
Email: [email protected]

Mitzi Hodge


Mitzi Hodge is responsible for a much overlooked aspect of the church; the cleaning. Along with her husband, Robert, she maintains the cleanliness of our church building. From sweeping and mopping to taking out the trash and more, she gets the job done! 

Phone: 337-884-0361
Email: [email protected]

Peggy Lassiter

Nursery Director

Peggy Lassiter is our Nursery Director. She takes care of our children ages newborn to three. She is consistent in being at church week after week to watch our kids along with weekly volunteers. We are thankful for Mrs. Peggy and all of the volunteers who teach and care for our children for us.

Phone: 337-794-7446

Richard & Annette Winn

Lawn Care & Kitchen

Richard and Annette Winn keep our grass looking sharp. This is not an easy task being that we have 12 acres of land at East Ridge. Together, they put in many hours year round to maintain our lawn.

Richard and Annette also organize the kitchen for our church dinners. They make sure the food is organized, the plates are out, and, with the help of the rest of our kitchen crew, make sure the food gets served to everyone who attends.

Phone: 337-936-8046


The Rest of the Work

While we have paid staff who work hard, we also need and appreciate all of the hard work that comes from our volunteers. Our volunteers include Sunday School teachers, Discipleship Training teachers, deacons,
sound booth workers, children and youth workers, and many more. We thank each and every one of our members for all of the hard work that they put in! You may not always get the most recognition for all that you do, but you will earn rewards in heaven for your service!